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Eyelash Mirror
• This mirror is a must have tool for eyelash extensions professional to check their work throughout the lash extension process.

Lash Wands
• Pack of 50 lash wands.

Jade Stone
• Jade stone is use to keep your glue a good fresh room temperature.

• Micro pore tape use to hold lashes down when you needed it.

Glue Rings
• These rings are a great tool to hold your eyelash adhesive during the eyelash extension process. 15 pcs in a pack.

Lint-Free Micro Swab
• Microfiber brushes for eyelash extensions
• 100 pcs per container
• lint- free
• For use with primers, sealant and removers
• Disposable.

Air Blower
• Used to speed up the adhesive drying time.

Bio Gel Pads
• Used under eye
• Fiber less
• Chemical free
• 2 pair (4pcs total)

Eye Pads
• Used under eye
• 6 pairs total

Disposable Jade Stone Covers
• 30 pcs pack
• These Jade Stone covers are disposable, used to cover the jade stone and you can also use them alone