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At Alessandra Farra Skin Care we are pleased to provide facial services in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and the neighboring communities for clients seeking to achieve a more youthful beauty lift. One of the unique skin treatments we offer to pamper yourself includes our oxygen infusion treatment.

With this painless, non-medical treatment, you don’t have to worry about chemicals or injections. It is ideal if you have sensitive skin or don’t want more invasive beauty treatments as it effectively delivers therapeutic grade oxygen into your skin to heal itself faster. In fact, oxygen works its magic by stimulating your body’s natural healing abilities. It’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Oxygen Infusion treatment with 02 facial $90

It can also help rejuvenate skin that has experienced the effects of toxins that may have depleted your cells of oxygen, including tobacco smoke or poor air quality. Oxygen infusion may help create new cells at a faster rate, diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars for a more youthful appearance.

When you come in for your oxygen infusion treatment, our aesthetician will prepare your skin with a gentle exfoliation and facial steam to remove excess oils, dead skin cells and other debris, followed with a toner to prepare the skin for the infusion. Then, using a machine with a wandlike apparatus, a pressurized stream of 90% pure oxygen along with supplements like vitamins is gently pumped into your facial pores. This stimulates collagen production and new skin cell growth. The oxygen-vitamin mix effectively plumps up your facial features to renew your skin’s firmness. And lastly, your skin will be moisturized.

One of the things our clients enjoy about our oxygen infusion treatment, besides improved appearance, is that there are no uncomfortable side effects that might accompany other anti-aging treatments. There is no itching, stinging, or burning sensation with this oxygen delivery system. After your treatment, you can even put on lotions or makeup and go about your day as usual.

Are you looking for something to help you look younger, refreshed and rejuvenated? Do you have an upcoming special event where you want to look your best, like a wedding, high school reunion, or vacation? Our team of experienced estheticians is ready to help you achieve the fresher, younger looking skin you deserve. To schedule your oxygen facial treatment, we invite you to give us a call today at 801-829-8355. We are happy to help you with your skin care needs.