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Do you have scars, skin discoloration, or wrinkles on your face or another area of the body? Alessandra Farra Skin Care can provide chemical peels in Pleasant Grove, Utah, to rejuvenate your skin. During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied to the skin (usually of the face) to remove the top layers of the skin. This allows healthier, smoother, younger-looking skin to grow back.

Before you undergo chemical skin treatment, our estheticians will perform an evaluation to ensure that your treatment is personalized for your specific needs. We provide several types of chemical peels, including:

Mandelic Peel: Mandelic peels are safe to use on skin affected by rosacea and on dark complexions. This antibacterial peel is great for acne-prone skin.
Jessner: This mild chemical peel combines resorcinol, lactic acid, and salicylic acid in an ethanol base.
Lactic Peel: This type of peel, which is very mild, is derived from milk. A lactic peel may be best for you if you have sensitive, oily, or dry skin.
Salicylic Peel: The salicylic peel is perhaps the mildest of the chemical peels. This chemical peel cleanses the pores and breaks down lipids in the skin.
Glycolic Peel: If you would like to diminish dark spots, even out your skin tone, or tighten pores, a glycolic peel may be for you. This peel enhances the natural radiance of the skin.
TCA: This peel is also known as trichloracetic acid, is a relative of vinegar. It has been used to treat sun damage and melasma for over 20 years.

We welcome you to contact our clinic at 801-829-8355 today to learn more about chemical peels and to schedule a consultation.