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Exfoliation is the natural process where your skin sheds the upper layers of cells, which in turn stimulates the production of new, healthy skin cells. The natural process of exfoliation also stimulates new collagen production in the deeper layers of the dermis. This effectively results in a slight thickening and tightening of the skin on the face. This will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and mitigate the appearance of skin aging. Microdermabrasion in Pleasant Grove, Utah, is an effective method of exfoliation.

What can microdermabrasion do for me?

– Improve the appearance of age spots and blackheads
– Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (darkened patches of skin)
– Refresh your appearance by exfoliating the skin
– Lessen stretch marks
– Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
– Eliminate or reduce enlarged pores
– Treat acne and acne scars

How is microdermabrasion done?
Microdermabrasion uses microparticles to remove the top layer of the skin and to stimulate new skin growth. There are two approaches to microdermabrasion. One uses a hand-held device to stream tiny crystals across your skin. The other approach uses a diamond-tipped wand that is gently moved across the skin by our estheticians. Either treatment lasts about half an hour.

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