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Do you have eyelashes that are short or light colored? Do you wish for eyelashes that stand out and draw attention to your eyes in the best way? At Alessandra Farra Skin Care, we can provide you with full lashes that can help your eyes pop. Our estheticians are pleased to offer several types of lash extensions to provide you with the length, thickness and fullness that you desire in your eyelashes.

Classic Extensions
Classic extensions are a fantastic choice for our first-time clients and for those who are looking for a subtle enhancement to their eyelashes.

Volume Extensions
For a dramatic look, try volume extensions. These eyelash extensions provide that wow factor you want for special occasions. Volume extensions are great because they don’t overwhelm the natural eye. They don’t detract from natural beauty.

Hybrid Extensions
These eyelash extensions are a mix between classic and volume extensions. With hybrid extensions, your lashes can reach a luxurious look that goes beyond what your lashes could provide on their own.

Our estheticians apply extensions one at a time and show great attention to detail. Come to us if your lashes are lacking in any way, like length, color or thickness. Also, we encourage you to come to us if you would like to have eyelash extensions removed, even if they were not placed by Alessandra Farra Skin Care!

For more information about eyelash extensions in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and to set up a visit with our estheticians, contact us at 801-829-8355 today!