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When it comes to getting lash extensions, you can be sure that a full set of lush lashes will make your eyes stand out and accentuate this important area of your face. At Alessandra Farra Skin Care, we offer several different quality eyelash extensions in Orem, Utah, to help you achieve the look you want.

We make sure to apply each extension one by one so that the finished look looks full and natural. Our extensions come in Classic, Hybrid, and Volume sets. Classic lashes give you a subtle effect, the hybrid is a mixture of classic and volume to give you a luxurious effect, and the volume extensions offer you a glamorous, “wow” effect. No matter which option you choose, you’ll want to keep them looking their best while lasting their longest. Today we’re going to share some excellent lash tips with you so that you can get a good idea of how best to care for your new lashes.

Lash Extension Care Tips

-After you get them, don’t get them wet! It generally takes 24 hours for the lashes to set depending on the bonding agent used. It’s also best if you don’t expose them to excessive heat as you can get in saunas and during intensive exercise routines.

-When it’s safe to get your extensions wet, make sure to keep their shape by combing them. If you don’t keep them combed, usually once every couple of days, they may crisscross or get messy looking.

-To keep them looking their best, sleep on your back. Especially the first couple of days when you get them applied, sleeping on your back will let the glue set properly and avoid getting kinks in the lashes. This simple step will help you maximize the life of your extensions. Remember, you’ll lose the most lashes depending on the side you sleep, so please don’t sleep on your stomach.

-If you wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, be sure to take it off gently, and don’t skip the step of cleaning them or they can fall out faster. You can use a cleansing wipe which won’t leave cotton fibers stuck behind like cotton balls often do.

-Keep your hands off your lashes. Pulling or rubbing your extensions can not only make them fall out but it can also pull out your natural lashes too, so please don’t play with them. In fact, your own lashes shed naturally and having extensions can hasten this process.

-Don’t use oil-based products when you have eyelash extensions because it can break down the lash adhesive and make them fall out faster. Make sure your eye creams, cream shadows, and makeup removers aren’t oil-based.

-One of the advantages of wearing lash extensions is NOT having to wear mascara. But if for some reason you want to wear some for an occasion, make sure it isn’t oil-based (see above) or waterproof. Both of these can deteriorate the glue holding the extensions in place. Be especially cautious with mascara because the brush can pull on the lashes and damage or loosen them. It’s best to keep any mascara on the tips of the lashes so they don’t interfere with the glue on the lash line.

-If you need eye drops, you’re going to want to limit their use because they can loosen up the bonding agent.

If you are considering getting eyelash extensions, we invite you to give Alessandra Farra Skin Care a call and schedule an appointment with our esthetician in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We can be reached at 801-829-8355, and look forward to hearing from you!