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Waxing is a cosmetic hair removal service for either men or women. At Alessandra Farra Skin Care we help clients remove unwanted hair from the face, including the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, nose, as well as the body, including the underarms, arms and legs (half or full), bikini, Brazilian, and the back.

Unlike the Egyptians who removed the hair on their body with pumice stones or sharp flints, or the Greeks who plucked or burned off individual hairs, we use a professional waxing process that removes hair by the root. Over time, the hair regrowth in these areas is less dense and has a finer texture.

Why more men are waxing
In today’s modern society, more and more men are coming in to have their body hair removed. One reason for this popular trend is for hygiene purposes. Having body hair can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also hold in heat and odor. When you remove the unwanted hair your body will feel cleaner, and the smoother surface will be easier to keep clean. This helps you feel less self-conscious about your cleanliness.

If you are active physically in sports or recreational activities, smoother skin can boost your performance. If you are competing with other swimmers, cyclists, runners, or bodybuilders, you can benefit from hair removal because hair can create a drag. For example, if you are a competitive swimmer, one of your goals is to lessen the amount of drag (or resistance) created by your body’s friction against the water molecules and slowing you down. Runners and cyclists strive to win against drag from air molecules that can impact speed. Waxing reduces this drag and helps you go faster.

Another reason men like to have hair removed besides self-confidence is for appearance. Men appreciate a groomed body as well as women, not to mention that with less hair, there is heightened sensitivity!

Before and after your waxing treatment
Unlike shaving which can leave you with ingrown hairs and razor burn, waxing can leave your skin feeling soft and clean for weeks. To prepare for your appointment, avoid using harsh soaps or astringents for the hours before and after your wax. You can exfoliate the area, however, which can help the process if you do it several days before your visit.

You will want to skip tanning for 24 hours before your visit and 48 hours afterward, as well as taking hot water treatments for eight hours before or after your waxing. This includes long, hot showers, bath or hot tub soaks, and even steam rooms before you come in, although a normal shower beforehand is fine.

On the day you come in for your treatment, wear loose clothing so you’ll be more comfortable afterward. If you are nervous about potential discomfort, you can take an over the counter pain reliever like Tylenol, or ibuprofen an hour beforehand. After your waxing, we will provide you with an aftercare plan.

If you would like to get into the swing of summer with a professional waxing to boost your self-image, hygiene and confidence, please contact our team at Alessandra Farra Skin Care at 801-829-8355 to schedule your professional waxing in Pleasant Grove, Utah.