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Is your silky, firm skin concealed under layers of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, or acne scars? At Alessandra Farra Skin Care, we can help you unveil your natural beauty by using a chemical peel in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Your technician will apply a chemical solution to your skin that will exfoliate and peel away the dead skin cells, leaving the skin underneath smoother. Chemical peels are most effective on fair complexions and areas where the skin is not broken or sun-damaged. Before beginning the chemical peel process, your esthetician will perform a thorough evaluation to determine your skin type and needs to ensure you receive the best personalized treatment.

  • Lactic Peel – $85: A lactic peel is a very mild chemical peel derived from milk. It is an excellent choice for sensitive, dry, and oily skin.
  • Glycolic Peel – $85: This peel enhances your natural radiance by diminishing dark spots, tightening pores, and evening out skin tone.
  • Salicylic Peel – $85: Generally considered the mildest of chemical peels, the salicylic peel breaks down lipids in the skin and cleanses the pores.
  • Mandelic Peel – $85: Mandelic peels are ideal for acne-prone skin because they are antibacterial. It is also safe to use on dark complexions and Rosacea-affected skin.
  • TCA – $150: Also known as trichloracetic acid, a relative of vinegar, this peel has been used for over 20 years to treat sun damage and melasma.
  • Jessner – $150: Named after German-American dermatologist DMax Jessner, this is a very mild chemical peel that combines lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol in an ethanol base. It is very difficult to over-peel the skin.

When receiving a chemical peel, you may experience a mild stinging sensation, but you should not require an anesthetic. Following a chemical peel, your skin may take a few days to fully recover, and should be treated daily with moisturizing lotion and sunscreen. Your esthetician will discuss with you in advance how to care for your new, smoother skin.