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Eyebrows are an important asset because they help to frame your face and provide balance for your other features. Faded, over-tweezed, or missing eyebrows can cause the rest of the face to appear washed out. For patients who are dissatisfied with their eyebrows (or lack thereof), we are happy to provide microblading in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

Also known as permanent cosmetics, microblading is the application of natural-looking eyebrows. Unlike brow pencils, gels, and tattoos, microblading provides semi-permanent results that look like the enhanced version of your natural brow. This is a great procedure for clients who struggle with hair loss, weak brows, or finding time to make up their eyebrows every morning. Eyebrows created with microblading are very low-maintenance, requiring touch ups every one to three years.

Before beginning the process, your esthetician will numb the area to keep you comfortable. By using individual brushstrokes, our estheticians create full, defined brows that are tailor to your face shape, skin tone, and personal preference. The procedure typically lasts one hour because we are very careful and pay close attention to detail.

If you are tired of cosmetically creating your eyebrows each day, contact our office to learn more about microblading in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We are more than happy to schedule you for a consultation!