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  • Training course registration fee covers one student.
  • Training kits are full size
  • Classes are taught by certified instructors
  • Training groups are from 1 to 5 students
  • Out of state training dates are subject to change, and will change based off of demand at each specific location
  • Students certified through Alessandra Farra Skin Care will receive discounts on Allesandra Farra lash product line, and have the opportunity to become brand representatives
  • Refresher training courses are free for all students certified through Alessandra Farra Skin Care


  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • $300 deposit for Classic or Volume training is required to save your spot
  • Remaining training course fee will be due on or before the training scheduled start date

Training Duration

  • Trainings will be 2 days (total 14 hrs)
  • This training course is hands on, and designed for you to practice, practice, and practice. Come to class ready to learn!
  • Our students are welcome to came back to our training facility if you feel that you need to (schedule a date and time with one of our trainers to go over any questions you may have. You will need to bring your models)

Do I need to provide a model to practice?

  • Yes, you will need to bring at least two live models, with a max of three models (any person 18 years old or older)
  • We recommend that you bring models with different types of eye shapes
  • The first day of training we will provide a mannequin head for you to practice on. After practicing on the mannequin you will practice in your live models under the supervision of a certified lash extension educator

Do I need to be a licensed Cosmetologist or Aesthetician to take any of the trainings?

  • In the state of Utah you are required to hold a cosmetologist or esthetics licenses or to be enrolled in school for either one to take this course.
  • For students taking this course outside the state of Utah, I do not require you to be licensed, but I highly recommended you check with your state laws to get the correct information.


After completing the 14 hours training students will receive a certification

Alessandra Farra Lashes educators can travel anywhere upon request. If you wish to take the training course in a another state we offer a discount in your enrollment if you can get a group of students to take our class.