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Are you considering having waxing treatment? Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers to help you make the decision.

Will waxing hurt?
Waxing involves pulling hair out of the follicles, so yes, it is uncomfortable. However, you are in the hands of experienced estheticians who can make the process only slightly uncomfortable. Waxing can be a little more uncomfortable if you are overly tired or are feeling sick. If at any point, you feel like you can’t handle the procedure, let us know and we can stop or give you a break. We are here to make this as pleasant an experience as possible.

Will I be uncomfortable after my wax?
Many first-time clients are uncomfortable after waxing. This varies from client to client. The coarser the hair and the more sensitive your skin, the more sensitivity you will feel during and after your wax. Some first-time clients are sensitive for about an hour and others are sore for a day or two. We recommend taking ibuprofen or Advil about 20 minutes before your wax and another after your wax. A cool compress can also help. Remember, once you are waxing regularly, you won’t feel any discomfort after your waxing.

There is a special occasion coming up and I have never waxed. Are there any special instructions?
Our estheticians recommend that you have waxing treatment twice before the big day. This will get the first, uncomfortable wax out of the way. The second wax has a much smoother, cleaner result with less tenderness after. If you don’t have time for two waxing appointments, try to wax at least three or four days before the occasion.

Can I wax while on my period?
Yes, you can. You should be aware that you may be more sensitive and may experience more discomfort than usual. Please wear a fresh tampon when you come in for your appointment. You may want to take a few Advil before your appointment.

How often should I get waxing treatment?
Regular waxing is a must. Try to schedule waxing every three to five weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows back.

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